Frequently Asked Questions

How long has TasTech been operating?
Do you take credit cards?
How does Internet Banking work?
Can you open a credit account for our business/department/school?
What is the address for pickups?
How much is freight?
Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Do you ship outside of New Zealand?
How do I change or cancel my order?
How do I order a customised desktop computer?
I've forgotten my password - can you tell me what it is?
What does OEM mean?
Can you renew our company's Symantec/Microsoft licenses?
What is the "Latest Products RSS Feed"?
What does " available" mean?
Can I order a product with a red cross next to it?
What are the "Uncategorised Products" in my search results?
I saved an item in my cart yesterday, and today that item's price has increased. Can I still have yesterday's price?
I purchased an item yesterday, and today I see that same item has decreased in price. Can I have a refund?
Why do I get the message "Your login session has ended"?
I can't checkout my order - do you know why?
Why do some parts on your site not display properly for me?