Warranty & Returns

    Warranty Returns

  • If you think you have a faulty product please complete this form so we can issue you an Return Authorisation (RA) number. This RA# will enable us (and you) to keep track of the return more efficiently.
  • Once we issue you this RA Number you can return the product to us for testing and repair/replacement as necessary.

    Things to note about returns

  • Products returned without a valid RA number will not be accepted and will be returned to you at your expense.
  • We will test only for the fault description you provide, so please make it brief but accurate.
  • Goods being returned are not considered faulty until we confirm the fault (so they should still be handled as if they're not faulty!)
  • A labour fee will be charged for the return of non-faulty goods and any physical damage to goods will immediately void the warranty.
  • Goods returned that were not supplied by TasTech Ltd will incur a handling fee.

    Manufacturer Support Contact Numbers

    Acer0800 223-769
    AOC0800 42-66-77
    AMD0800 880-159
    Brother0800 500-751
    Canon0800 222-666
    D-Link0800 900-900
    Dynalink0800 653-962
    Epson0800 237-766
    Fujifilm0800 242-646
    HP0800 441-147
    Intel0800 444-365
    Kyocera0800 459-6237
    Linksys0800 441-528
    Logitech09 476-4620
    Microsoft0800 800-004
    Philips0800 477-999
    Samsung0508 726-786 (0508 SAMSUNG)
    Sony0800 766-969
    Toshiba0800 445-439
    Viewsonic0800 00-88-22